Available placeholders in invoice templates

Evolve Tracking Freelancer uses the data entered in the invoices to write them to the invoice template when exporting.
To give you the ability to customize invoice templates to fit your own needs, keywords are used as placeholders.
These keywords are optional, meaning that you only need to specify the ones you want to use in your invoice.

You can use the following keywords in the invoice templates:

Keyword Data Example
plcompany The name of the customer “The Musicallies Ltd.”
plcontact The contact persons name “Charlotte Harmony”
plstreet The street and house number “Notestreet 20”
plzip The zip code of the customer “12345”
plcity The city of the customer “Musichaven”
plcountry The country of the customer “United States of America”
pldate The date of the invoice “08/03/2019”
plduedate The due date of the invoice “08/17/2019”
plinvoiceid The Invoice number “2019-08-01”
pltitle The title of the invoice “Consulting and SEO”

The mentioned fields can be found in the window of the invoice details of the app: